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This type of Recommendation system is being used at many places like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, Google, Spotify, Google News, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and many more.

What is a recommender system which is seen everywhere?

How many types of recommender systems are there?

What are the differences between them?

These answers can be found in my previous article on recommender system (Just click here).

There are two approaches in collaborative filtering and can be implemented in any of the two ways using memory-based or model-based. The two approaches are:

  1. User-based collaborative filtering: In this kind of approach, the recommendations are…

The recommendation system requires no introduction as a different topic. his is seen in every social platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, Google…..

In today’s world, everyone is familiar with this topic and would have come across the recommendations made for you at many places which also somehow made your task easier. For example, When you go to amazon it recommends you some accessories, electronics, clothing, books…etc which had helped you somehow in making selections and has shown some new things which you would like to try.

Then How does this work? How are these platforms able to recommend…

One of the advanced techniques mostly used for any data(also for non-linear data or real-time data) of both regression and classification problems in Supervised learning algorithms is Random Forest. As the name says it is a forest made of many trees which combine to become Random Forest.

Okay, what is an ensemble method?

Ensemble methods are meta-algorithms that combine several machine learning techniques into one predictive model in order to decrease variance (bagging), bias (boosting), or improve predictions (stacking).

Ensemble methods are machine learning methods that construct a set of predictive models and combine their outputs into a single prediction…

In our daily life, we make enormous decisions from the start of our day to the end of our day. There are many times we use decision trees in our lives unknowingly. We have all about studied decision trees in our schools and colleges. How does it be everyone knows. A tree-like structure that starts with the root node and ends with leaf nodes. There are many other algorithms in ML based on the Decision trees.

Before getting into this if you want to know about the Data Science methodology of problem-solving. Visit Introduction to Data Science. …

Machine Learning is the part of the AI where the machine learns the data given to it with minimal human intervention. Machine Learning is divided into four categories namely Supervised, Unsupervised, Semi-Supervised, and Reinforcement Learning. Supervised Learning is used when the label is known and is given to the machine so that further such data can be easily identified. The Supervised ML is further divided into two types. They are Regression and Classification tasks. In the process, the first basic regression algorithm to be known is Linear Regression and the first Classification algorithm to be known is Logistic Regression.


The article was good explaining from LR theory to implementation then you have to check the formula for MSE(Mean squared error). Can I know how did you get 1/2n instead of 1/n?

Linear Regression is the basic model to be studied while getting into Machine Learning algorithms. It is one of the ML model which is used for predicting numerical(discrete/continuous)values for a dataset or a problem like predicting the house prices, stock prices, fare prices, pollution in the air, etc. It cannot be used for categorical value prediction. It is one of the basic algorithms in the Supervised ML algorithm(where are labels are known).

The term regression was first coined by Francis Galton to describe the biological phenomenon where the heights of descendents of tall ancestors regress down towards normal average(regression towards…

When 2020 was started it was really exciting year and everyone including me was expecting something and I don’t say I didn’t spend it nice way or didn’t get good things no it is as what it was. I say it was a different year than any other year.

I hear only few things mostly in the year 2020 are the virus outbreak, the pandemic arouse and life of many has changed. Then what i see is some of the lives are effected by outbreak then many of the people have started their new phase by choosing what they ever…

Data evolving into different areas so dealing with it should also be by making better use of it for achieving the goals and being successful

As the data is increasing day by day in every field and industry it is very important for any company or industry or the domain to know about it and use it in proper ways so that the company or industry grows in an enormous way. No business wants to inhibit growth and then they does not know where the problem is rooting and how to solve it and grow. This is the crucial stage and understanding this stage will make them prosper.

Here comes the Data Science way of problem solving for enabling the companies to grow and achieve…

We struggled for independence and we got it on August 15 after that did corrupt or bad politics end. There was some or the other way these evil or wrong minded people rule the society. As a citizen or a person it is important for us to know in which way we can be better and help the world and grow our country. We are not known as a person there comes many traits by which we are called a good person. …


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